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Before all, the disclaimer:

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Phew, that was long.

Welcome to my personal technical blog about programming and technology! My private digital garden, as they say, nowadays. My name is Igor, by the way. You can find that this name is usually automatically adjusted to Ignore by many spellcheckers. Hence, the name of this blog. Here, you'll find posts about a variety of topics, mostly about outdated stuff, and probably a lot of swearing and complaining. Possibly the best thing to do is ignore this page; you have been warned.

This is actually around a third attempt to start a technical blog. At this point, I've been stuck with programming for far too long, and now just trying to survive the daily grind by offloading thoughts from my head into some public space. So, the plan is simple: write a bunch of posts about things I was never able to finish, hoping it will help me to mute an endless stream of thoughts and self-blaming 😅. Among the topics, I plan to write about are low-level game programming using C, computer graphics using legacy OpenGL, or web development without those modern JavaScript atrocities. Why? Because nostalgia is a hell of a drug, this blog is just a way to return to those happy times virtually.

Also, feedback is not welcome 😂👍, that's basically why I am not planning to add a comment section or share my contact details (although there's a link to my Mastodon somewhere on this website). Don't follow me, don't share my links, and don't hit that like button (there's no such button anyway). As already mentioned above, ignore this page for the good.

Thank you for visiting my blog anyway, hope you won't have any strong feelings one way or the other about my hot takes and badly formatted ramblings!

P.S. Or maybe there will be some articles about modern JavaScript atrocities. I don't know! Who cares after all? Also, get off my lawn property digital garden!